16 things I learned at 16

1) Your 16th birthday sucked. Everyone forgot. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. The biggest thing you learned was that sometimes you can’t always count on other people. You are your own best friend, and you know what you deserve.

2) People change. This is super cliche, but it is so true. So many people changed for the worst…including you. You have to let those people go, and hope that one day they’ll realize the kind of person they became.

3) Despite changing, you knew that you did and you woke up one day and made it a goal to change your life around. You didn’t know you were dealing with walking depression, but you just wanted to change, so you did. This is one of my proudest moments. You cut your hair and bought a pair of jeans…which you haven’t worn since freshman year.

4)  You are so friggin strong. I cannot even stress this enough. YOU are so strong, and please don’t ever forget that!  You got a 4 on your first AP exam. Your mom has leukemia. Your grandma was constantly in the hospital. You sprained both your ankles and dealt with the “PTSD” from it. You took six weeks to heal, but I’m glad you made a choice to care for yourself. You took the time to heal (and currently are still healing). Making you the first priority is something I’ll never get over. Your strength is in your heart and bones.

5) You’re a procrastinator. You shouldn’t and you know that. It’s like a mental game. At least you’ve learned about Scientology, colleges, and that Catching Fire really is a good movie.

6) You love Nashville. You want to live there one day, and the college you chose is hours away from it. You call it “home” because of the endless opportunities. You visited Nashville & you love it.

7) You love Latin. I’m not kidding. You are so obsessed with Latin. I love that you don’t allow anyone’s opinions about Latin get in the way of your passion. You love Daedalus and Icarus and love to have 4 books in Latin on hand to read at all times. Keep embracing your passion. You’ll be taking AP Latin when you’re 17.

8) At 16, you discovered your life passion: physical therapy. You love amputees. You love helping people. You love your flexibility. You love everything about it. I hope this passion never dies, because I’ve had the privilege to see this passion grow and I want it to be with you forever.

9) You won’t be 16 forever. I totally just quoted Usher from the Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” movie. You watched that when you were 11. You’re not 16 anymore, Jenna. Remember that.

10) Jenny’s your best friend. Never let her go.

11) Facing fears everyday will make you confident. Be proud. It’ll make you who you are today.

12) Hamilton’s the best thing in life. Hopefully you agree with that when you’re 26. It’s filled with endless motivation. You get to study for APUSH while listening to it.

13) Life moves fast. It’s not going to ever slow down. Grab it while you can.

14) You are your own worst critic.

15) You love UNG & you know the value in education (ayyye that scholarship!!)

16) You hate math with a passion. It’s a thing. Calc sucks. You don’t get math. It doesn’t get you. Just know you’re doing your best.


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